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I was always a creative force intuitively and artistically, especially with music. I followed a musical path through my undergraduate and graduate work and became a Master in Vocal Jazz Performance.


​Later in my adult life, I was intuitively guided to the corporate world where I worked for many years. I was able to learn about business and professionalism and was fortunate enough to have opportunities where I could continue to express my creativity.

Several years ago, I spent time intently studying spirituality. The spiritual transformation I underwent by doing a tremendous amount of hard work -- looking at my resentments, fears, and the harms that I had done to others -- was so powerful that it inspired me to dedicate the rest of my life to helping others.


I was highly inspired by the resentment work I personally did. I could not believe how many resentments I had when I first accounted for them -- I literally had 600 resentments. I didn’t even really understand what a resentment was or how it was affecting me. But I committed to looking at every single one. I had resentments about everything from traffic lights not always being green, to the trauma I experienced for many years from very early childhood into adulthood. 


Then there were the resentments I had against myself.

When I cleared out the blockages that were being created by all of my resentments, I stepped into such clarity. And the best part was that I stepped into myself. For the first time I began living as the best version of my character. My assets were being highlighted, and all the characteristics and patterns that never served me were calm and inactive. I knew I had to create a process that could help transform others as well. 


Over a number of years, I gathered more information about how resentments operate, where they are located, and how they affect people. With each resentment I helped release, I learned something new. I created and customized exercises, I proved my theories to be true, and I watched as my process gave freedom and joy to so many who were suffering.


During this time I became a Certified Professional Coach and started my coaching practice to help more people release resentments. The work itself is so stimulating, complex, and unpredictable; and it requires advanced intuitive ability and bold creativity -- which is exactly why I love it. 


My process continued to work every time I used it with my clients, and I wanted to create a legacy that would give others a concrete method for transformation and personal development. Therefore, I accredited my Release Resentment Coaching Process and currently certify fellow coaches so we can collectively help as many people as possible.


At the end of the day, the best part of what I do is witnessing the most incredibly inspiring and life-changing transformations. My clients now flow through life, navigating it with a new lens. Their intuition is balanced and they are able to give so much to others without needing anything in return. 


I am so grateful that my life has been designed in such a way that I can truly live my purpose and make choices that are aligned with what matters to me most. There’s truly nothing better than helping another person release their resentments.


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“My intuition is becoming sharper and more easily accessed.”

"I have been working with Rebekah for two years, and it’s been an amazing journey so far. We’ve done really deep resentment work releasing a lot of old energy around events and people from my past. Her approach is very unique and customized, and she always knows exactly how to get right to the heart of an issue in an empathetic and compassionate way. Her intuition is  spot on, and because of the work I’ve done with her, my intuition is becoming sharper and more easily accessed. I always look forward to my sessions with her, they’re not only rewarding on every level, they’re a lot of fun!" 

Leslie Eissing, Professional Coach

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