If you think you don’t have resentments, you do; and the more you think you don’t have them, the more you actually have. Everyone has resentments, but we don’t have to hold onto them. 


Until you explore how resentment is currently affecting your life, you cannot understand how powerful it is. Not only can it significantly influence all aspects of your life, but it can also drastically change your character.


Resentments have no boundaries. If you think your resentful emotions are contained to a single experience, person, job, principle, decision, way of living, or political belief, they aren’t. You cannot turn a resentment off; you can only uproot it, and release it forever. 

My Release Resentments process uproots resentment, no matter the size, complexity, length of time you’ve been experiencing it, or whether the resentment was a result of a single event or is ongoing.  After releasing the weight of your resentments, you will be the best version of yourself.


 Feel proud of how you show up, be consistent in all areas of your life, enjoy living with powerful intuition as your guide, witness miracles, experience serendipitous moments -- this is just the beginning of what you will be capable of, and it all begins with releasing your resentments.


Rebekah would love to gift you a 30-minute Discovery Session to explore what resentments are affecting your life and your character.

"it was literally magical..."

"If you are looking for a coach to help you to really dig deep into yourself and shift your mindset with the goal of making monumental changes to your life, Rebekah is the one for you! Rebekah is an amazing listener who hears what is behind your words and is able to feel your energy and detect all that you are resisting and all that is blocking you from moving forward and reaching your goals or experiencing life in a better state of mind. Rebekah is also incredibly talented in helping people work through specific situations that are causing unease, stress or distress. I had a particular situation in which I was unusually overwhelmed emotionally and felt very vulnerable about life in general. Rebekah listened intently to what I was explaining and was immediately able to tap in to what was upsetting me the most and because her intuition about the situation was so spot on, she knew exactly how to help me calm my nerves, open up space in my mind to have more clarity, release the uncomfortable feelings and then come up with a plan of action on how to navigate the situation I was in. It was literally magical and the whole process worked so well that the situation resolved itself beautifully because of the way Rebekah helped me to clear the emotions I needed to release and be to be much more intentional and grounded than I would have been without her support. Rebekah is a true gift."

Ronne Ozgu, Certified Health and Transformation Coach

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